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Development of novel catalytic materials has been the hallmark of Prof. Verykios for the last 25 years. The new processes developed opened new avenues for research into such materials for hydrogen production from bio-fuels as well as conventional fuels such as natural gas, LPG etc.

The successful research produced a series of proprietary catalysts for the reformation of ethanol and other fuels in both steam and autothermal reforming mode. These catalysts exhibit improved characteristics with respect to activity, selectivity towards hydrogen, thermal and long term stability. They have been tested at all scales, from laboratory micro-units via a pilot plant to a demonstration unit proving their efficiency.

Industrial applications require catalysts to be deposited on structural supports able to withstand thermal and mechanical shocks. New methods and techniques were developed to deposit the catalysts on monoliths, pellets and ceramic foams able to cover the requirements of most applications. The latest development is the coating of metallic surfaces with catalysts used in HIWAR and in GH2.

Water-Gas-Shift and CO Methanation Catalysts

In addition to the reforming catalysts, HELBIO is also developing advanced catalysts for the purification of the hydrogen rich reformate stream as to meet the requirements for use in all types of fuel cells. Specifically, novel, non-pyrophoric and highly active catalysts were developed for the high–temperature and low–temperature water gas shift (WGS) reactions which offer significant advantages over current catalysts that are pyroforic and require special handling and pre-conditioning before use.

For the final CO minimization, effective and selective catalysts for the conversion of CO to methane are under development.

The whole series of catalysts enable the efficient production of high purity hydrogen that is suitable for use in low- temperature fuel cell applications.

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