Helbio develops and markets hydrogen production systems, primarily from renewable sources, either for industrial use or integrated with fuel cells for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production. The multi-fuel systems are designed and manifactured for operation with both liquid and gaseous fuels, and Helbio has established a leading position worldwide in hydrogen production from bio-fuels.

Helbio has developed a number of products, including the most technologically advanced fuel processor, GH2™, that is now on the market. On-going research is targeting the commercialization of new products and processes.

Helbio’s technology is based on proprietary and patented reactor – catalyst configurations for reformation processes. The reactor configurations utilize the concept of the Heat-Integrated Wall-Reactor (European Patent 94600005.6/13.07.94. U.S.A. Patent No. 6, 605 376 ( Aug. 12 .2003 ) which offers very rapid heat exchange characteristics.