HELBIO develops products to meet the needs of several markets:

• Electrical power or combined heat and power (CHP) production systems for distributed generation (DG)
• on-board auxiliary power units (APU) for vehicles and for leisure applications such as campers and boats
• back-up power supply systems
• hydrogen production units for industrial applications to replace the existing hydrogen transport and storage facilities which are costly and hazardous.

HELBIO has developed technology to produce hydrogen from a variety of fuels:

• Ethanol
• Natural gas
• Methanol
• Bio-gas
• Bio-diesel
• Bio-oil

HELBIO’s fuel processors can be used to produce hydrogen for any type of fuel cells, including:

• Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM)
• Molten Carbonate (MCFC)
• Solid Oxide (SOFC)
• Phosphoric Acid (PAFC)
• Alkaline (AFC)