H2PS-5: 5 kW Combined Heat & Power Unit

Fuels: Natural Gas, Biogas, Propane/LPG, Ethanol
Capacity: up to 5kWe (up to 7kWth in CHP case)
Applications: Telecommunication stations, Households, Boats, Sailing yachts and Marines, Trucks, Remote out of grid locations, Environmentally sensitive areas

H2PS-5 is a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system. It has a capacity of 5 kW electric power, while in the combined heat and power (CHP) mode, it can also produce up to 7 kW thermal energy in the form of hot water. The system is multi-fuel fed, i.e. it can operate with either Natural Gas, Propane/LPG or Biogas, converting it to electrical power through an intermediate production of hydrogen using a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEM-FC). The unit is equipped with a power management system delivering electrical energy in the required form (DC or AC, grid connected or stand-alone), depending on the application. It has the ability to operate in the range of 40-100% of its nominal capacity. Its maximum electrical efficiency is greater than 35% (based on LHV), while total efficiency exceeds 85%.

5 kW Combined Heat and Power system (CHP)
5 kW Combined Heat and Power system (CHP)

The integrated system consists of the following sub-units:

  • Fuel processor/hydrogen production unit, where hydrogen production takes place via the reformation of the feeding fuel
  • Low temperature PEM fuel cell stack, where power production takes place using the produced hydrogen from the fuel processor
  • Batteries and electronic power management systems, where the excess produced power is managed
  • Control system, capable to control the unit and to achieve proper, smooth and safe operation of the H2PS-5

A simplified depiction of the integrated system and its sub-units interaction is shown in the following scheme: