The Switzerland based company WattAnyWhere (WaW) orders its second reforming system from Helbio, for conversion from ethanol-to-green hydrogen. The system will be used for on-site production of electricity without connection to the electricity grid, i.e. off-grid. Produced electricity will be used in charging stations for electric vehicle (BEV) charging. This follows a previous order from Metacon’s successful delivery to WaW of a smaller system. The new order becomes a part of WaW’s scaling up as a player with commercial electric car charging stations. The order value amounts to approximately EUR 193 000. Delivery is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023.

WattAnyWhere’s solution brings an alternative and complementary way of creating fast electric vehicle charging without the need for grid re-build or upgrades. Furthermore, using existing renewable fuels such as ethanol, the WattAnyWhere stations aims at enabling green, off-grid EV charging both in new places and at existing gas stations. Thus, the solution is highly adapted to and complementary to existing fuelling infrastructure already built for supporting car traffic for people world-wide since almost a century.

Helbio’s unit has significant know-how as well as intellectual property for the type of development required for the construction and will manufacture and install the core reforming unit converting ethanol to hydrogen for further processing in fuel cells to create electricity for charging.