FUTAMURA trusts HELBIO’s technology and place an order for a 10 Nm3/h  hydrogen generating unit plus and a 10 Kw Fuel Cell

Helbio will be delivering a 10 Nm3/h Hydrogen generating system to Metacon subsidiary Metacon KK based in Japan. This is a hydrogen generating unit based on natural gas (or City gas) steam reforming producing reformate hydrogen of purity >70%. The reformate hydrogen can eventually feed a PSA purification unit and feed a 10 kW fuel cell.  The order received from Adsorption Technology, fully owned subsidiary of Futamura Chemical Co. Ltd group.

Futamura Chemical company maintains leadership positions in the Japanese domestic markets of polypropylene, cellulose films and activated carbon as well as growing in export markets with its leading brands Pearl and Taiko.

“This order is instrumental and is initiating  a mutually beneficial agreement entering into by and between Futamura and Metacon KK to develop and implement technical solutions for a clean, secure and affordable energy future, realising the potential for Hydrogen based solutions,” said Masanori Miyake, Managing Director of Metacon KK.