Helbio (Metacon’s subsidiary https://metacon.se ) received CE approval for the first model of the Metacon’s Group upcoming series of larger hydrogen generators based on the company’s own patented catalytic reforming technology. The HHG systems target the enormous potential that exists in Europe and the world to be able to produce large amounts of green non-fossil hydrogen from biogas locally, independently of the electricity grid.

The market for green hydrogen is growing explosively in line with rapidly increasing insights into the potential for, among other things, the transition of the transport sector and the basic industry, energy storage and the need to find domestic and sustainable ways to increase countries’ energy and fuel independence. Recently, the price of electricity has quickly skyrocketed. Helbio’s reformer technology (HHG) has therefore aimed to supplement with an alternative and electricity-independent way to produce large amounts of locally produced vehicle fuel or energy storage in the form of non-fossil green hydrogen.

The CE approval of HHG-40 proves that our reformer technology is safe and meets the requirements for approval under EU regulations and paves the way for continued certifications of our other reformer products.