Helbio S.A. in Patras, Greece, has received an order from Hydromanagement Thessaloniki Greece, for a 0.5 Nm3/h Fuel Processor operating on Biogas . The Fuel processor will be a demonstration unit and will produce hydrogen suitable to feed a Low Temperature PEM Fuel Cell.

The Fuel processor system processes a biogas feed and delivers hydrogen suitable for Low Temperature PEM fuel cells. Reformation of biogas is carried out in the steam-reforming mode using pelleted catalyst. Elimination of CO is achieved by two stage water gas shift reactors. The effluent contains from the water gas reactors is less than 0.5 vol. % CO while further decrease to levels acceptable from the LT PEM is achievied via the CO methanation reaction. The final effluent will contain less than 10 ppm of CO. The unit will be designed for fast catalyst change and will be used to test various catalyst formulations under realistic reaction conditions.