We are pleased to announce that Helbio S.A. has entered into a preliminary Joint Venture agreement with Prudensco Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd, India to jointly produce the next generation of APU systems, especially designed for telecommunication and residential applications. Manufacturing of the unit would be set up close to Bangalore. The facility would commercialize the Helbio APU system, catering the needs of the sub-continent.

The Fuel processor system will process a commercial propane or LPG feed and deliver reformate hydrogen with CO level <10 ppm. This hydrogen is suitable for Low Temperature PEM fuel cells running on reformate hydrogen. Reformation of the input fuel is carried out in a steam reformer using Helbio’s patented technology. Elimination of CO is achieved using the water gas shift and methanation reactions. Purification of the input fuel is achieved using passive absorption materials. The power production capacity of the unit will be 5kWe net.