HELBIO’s H2PS-5 kW CHP system on the way to S. Korea

Helbio has manufactured and shipped a 5 kW CHP unit to South Korea. The system will be delivered to Vastek Group, Helbio’s distributor in the country. This is the first unit that Helbio delivers in the country. As soon as the system arrives at Vastek’s facilities in Bucheon, South Korea, Helbio team will travel there to accomplish the installation and commissioning of the unit.

“I’m very pleased that we finally ship this unit to Vastek. It underpins the potential of our small CHP system H2PS-5 and our plans to globally expand our business”, said Xenophon Verykios, CEO of Helbio.




Helbio is a high-tech company, based in Patras Science Park, specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing of Hydrogen and Energy Systems primarily from renewable sources, either for industrial use or integrated with fuel cells for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production. The multi-fuel systems are designed and manufactured for operation with both liquid and gaseous fuels. Helbio has established a leading position worldwide in hydrogen production from bio-fuels and possesses key expertise in catalysis, reaction engineering, process design and system integration and control.


Vastek Group


Since its establishment in 2005, Vastek Group has been active in a wide range of fields including the world’s best NDT equipment, composite materials and processing equipment, electric vehicles, medical devices, electric skateboards, and hydrogen fuel cells. Vastek is recognized for its excellent ability in supply and after-sales based on rich experience and technology. Vastek is an authorized distributor in S. Korea for Helbio’s H2PS-5 systems