13 11, 2019

Helbio will exhibit at Hannover Messe 2020


Helbio will be participating in the Hannover Messe the world's leading trade show for industrial technology for the second consecutive year. The exhibition is taking place in Hannover, Germany between April 20-24, 2020 and is Europe's largest hydrogen and fuel cells exhibition, with more than 6.000 exhibitors and 200.000 visitors to be expected.   Helbio will showcase the technology of H2PS- 5, a 5 kW CHP unit based on hydrogen and fuel cell technology.    

Helbio will exhibit at Hannover Messe 20202019-11-13T14:38:22+02:00
27 09, 2019

FUTAMURA trusts HELBIO’s technology for hydrogen generation


FUTAMURA trusts HELBIO’s technology and place an order for a 10 Nm3/h  hydrogen generating unit plus and a 10 Kw Fuel Cell Helbio will be delivering a 10 Nm3/h Hydrogen generating system to Metacon subsidiary Metacon KK based in Japan. This is a hydrogen generating unit based on natural gas (or City gas) steam reforming producing reformate hydrogen of purity >70%. The reformate hydrogen can eventually feed a PSA purification unit and feed a 10 kW fuel cell.  The order received from Adsorption [...]

FUTAMURA trusts HELBIO’s technology for hydrogen generation2019-10-22T08:42:03+02:00